DesignWorks with our clients to discover, debate, define, create and nurture brands. We call this crafted collaboration.

It’s helped us shape some of Ireland’s most iconic brands, grow some of the most ambitious, and establish some of the newest.

It informs our process and our output. It’s how we’ve run our studio for 30 years. (It’s also why we win awards. Ding! Ding!)


We’re approachable, experienced and nimble. We love a healthy challenge as much as a Pantone chip. Not to mention a good coffee. Drop in for a cup and let’s talk.

  • Michelle Anderson
    Studio & Project Manager

  • Louise Nichols
    Design Director

  • Peter Tim Lynch

  • Rocky Grennell
    Creative & Managing Director

  • Fabienne Renaudin

  • Ross Curran
    Design Director

  • Alex Bradley
    Web Developer

  • Martin Gaffney
    Strategy & Design Management

  • Clare Mason
    Account Director

  • Kevin Hardiman
    Financial Director

  • Mary Cloonan
    Marketing & Communications Strategist


Our clients include: