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Brand Strategy and Visual Identity
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Since 1912, the Labour Party has upheld its vision of an equal and just Irish society, built on principles of solidarity and mutual respect, sustainable development and a participative approach to international relations.


Following a landmark electoral result in 2016, the party undertook a ground-up evaluation. This period of reflection and planning provided stakeholders at all levels with a renewed sense of purpose - a solid understanding of the unique values and attributes of the Party - and a clear vision for the future.


DesignWorks were commissioned in early 2017 to deliver a brand proposition that fully represents these core values, and the tools with which they can communicate this vision.


The heritage of the Labour Party movement and it's context within the international community has been retained in the core mark, modernised and placed symbolically at its heart. It is supported by a brand identity system and comprehensive communications guidelines for its application across all media.