Privacy Statement

In compliance with GDPR regulations our privacy statement details the information we collect, when and why we collect it.

Personal Data Collection
DesignWorks collect and store some personal information, in order to operate our business. We use the same information to send marketing updates. From May 25th 2018, marketing updates will only be issued to people from whom we have received explicit consent.

Who is collecting the data?
Dwrks Design Consultants, trading as ‘DesignWorks’
Registered Office: 94 Giltspur Wood, Bray, Co Wicklow

How and when do we collect personal data?
We collect personal data through interactions directly with DesignWorks, in person, on the telephone or via email.

What personal data do we collect?
We collect name, company name and contact details for clients (current and former), suppliers (current and former), staff (current and former) and prospective clients, suppliers and staff who may have contacted us (a separate privacy policy for staff is available from our Data Protection Officer).

How long do we keep your personal data?
We store this information indefinitely, unless we receive a request to remove it.

What is our legal basis for collecting personal data?
1. Delivery of services
We use personal information in order to fulfil our obligations relating to delivery of services.
For example, for contact and communication during projects, and issue of invoices on completion.

Marketing communications
The same data is also used for delivery of marketing emails and in some cases, corporate/seasonal gifts. Individual consent will be obtained, documented and stored in relation to such activities. All marketing communications will include a clear option to opt-out, without penalty in any form.

How we use personal data
We may use personal data for the following:

To follow up on requests we have received directly through email or phone enquiries.

  • To assist us in providing services to you.
  • To ensure our contractual obligations are met (eg. projects are delivered and invoiced appropriately)
  • In the delivery of marketing communications, to those who have opted-in. Our marketing activity is confined to a short update of recent work which may be on interest to our clients, issued on average every two months. Opt-out options are included.


Are we going to share data with third parties?
We do not share, sell, rent or trade your information with third parties. Requests for recommendations or referrals are shared only with prior consent.

How can you access the data?
You may review the personal data that DesignWorks holds about you by contacting our Data Protection Officer on 01 6037004 or

Right to be deleted
You may withdraw your consent from our marketing communications at anytime. In all our e-marketing correspondence there is always the opportunity to unsubscribe from our list. On receiving notification from you that you don’t want to receive our marketing communications you will be removed from our list in a safe and secure manner. You may continue to receive other communications from us regarding your work projects.

To access, update or delete your personal information from our records permanently, contact our Data Protection Officer on 01 6037004 or

Cookies Policy
We use cookies on our website to collect information to improve the content of our site and the services we offer.

No personal data is collected on our website – we can review visitor numbers and activity on our site but we cannot personally identify you from this information.

All workstations and laptops, our file storage server and each of our backup discs are encrypted and password protected.

If you have any questions about our privacy statement, your rights, or how we use your information please contact our Data Protection Officer on 01 6037004 or