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Christ Church Cathedral Dublin

Brand Strategy and Visual Identity

Christ Church Cathedral has stood at the heart of Dublin for nearly a millennia. It offers rich architectural and cultural heritage to some, and spiritual guidance to others. DesignWorks were commissioned to develop the brand, and in doing so, inspire and unify the Cathedral’s many stakeholders and purposes.


The spiritual, cultural and visual heritage of the Cathedral was essential to its identity, and therefore at the heart of the project was the restoration of the Capitular Seal, a signifying marque of Christ Church dating from the 12th Century.


An identity system was developed to provide clarity for communicating each strand of the Cathedral’s activities – first and foremost as a place of worship – but also as a tourist attraction and centre for events.


We commissioned a master craftsman to restore it using wood-engraving methods that date back to the 1800s, providing unparalleled craft and detail.

IDI 2015, Gold (Brand Identity), Bronze (Logo)
ICAD 2015, Silver (Brand Identity)
The 100 Archive Selection, 2015