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Visual Identity
Guidelines & Implementation


EirGrid is the state-owned company that operates the national high voltage electricity grid in Ireland – operating the flow of power and planning for its future.


The EirGrid brand exists in an energy eco-system that comprises state and commercial interests, with significant and broad challenges. As issues such as energy security, sourcing, and management have become more topical in Irish public life, so to the solutions increasingly involve and impact local communities – increasing EirGrids visibility in both corporate and public domains.


The organisations broadening focus and interaction with Irish citizens and communities formed the basis of a strategic brand review and refresh. We took an evolutionary approach to the new visual identity, ensuring it is suitable for the EirGrid of the future, as defined in the brand strategy (developed by our strategic partners Genesis), whilst retaining equity and remaining credible and understandable to its stakeholders of today.


Citizens are placed at the heart of the visual language and design, through photography and messaging that clearly connects the impact of EirGrid’s work with our everyday lives. The new identity leads corporate and consumer branded communications through comprehensive guidelines, templates and assets, helping EirGrid to build understanding and communicate with clarity and consistency.