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Giacometti: From Life

Exhibition Identity

In 2022 the National Gallery of Ireland presented Alberto Giacometti (1901-1966), one of the most celebrated sculptors of the 20th century. His chief source of inspiration was the human form; whether a head or a whole figure, in miniscule or on a massive scale, and the exhibition highlighted the close relationships between artist and sitter and the profound connections between his family and his work.


The show was the Gallery’s first dedicated to the work of a sculptor, and the compelling and dramatic beauty of Giacometti’s work is central to the identity we created – focusing on the intense familial relationships and high expectations he placed on his sitters – by evoking his gaze and displaying the intricacy of his work.


Austere intimacy is balanced by warm palettes and typography, that recall the visual language of his early 20th century Parisian surroundings. DesignWorks created the exhibition identity and executed it faithfully across signage and promotion, exhibition materials, and a digital marketing campaign.