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MyWaste – 'Soft Plastics' Campaign

Campaign Concept, Art Direction & Production

DesignWorks developed the MyWaste brand in 2018 and have been involved with the initiative since, developing campaigns to promote awareness and understanding for ‘Ireland’s official guide to waste’.


Most recently, we teamed up with our media partner Wavemaker to help deliver a truly good news story for the people of Ireland – that from now on our recycling bins can be used for all plastics, even soft plastics – ultimately helping to make Ireland more sustainable.


The ‘Recycling Heroes’ build on previous campaigns, presenting characters in scenarios that resonate with domestic audiences to communicate the core message – informing citizens what soft plastics are, and how they should be prepared for the recycling bin.

The brand personality is vibrant and supportive – traits which have been a great success delivering the positive message required – and the goal of helping Ireland to achieve its recycling targets.


The campaign will also enhance awareness of MyWaste and its information resources, with a high profile six-month programme spanning TV, Radio, Digital and Social channels.