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Visual Identity
Marketing Communications

ULearn is an English language school based in the heart of Dublin City, providing education to students from all over the world.


DesignWorks were appointed to develop a brand that reflected the personality of the school and market it’s attributes to an international audience. In a crowded market, ULearn is distinct in it’s approach to student welfare and personal development.


As a bespoke school with a small but well-established team, this unique focus on learning in a supportive and dynamic environment became the basis for the visual identity and communications strategy.


The new identity and design system is modern, friendly and full of character. In addition to the visual identity for the school, DesignWorks produced a photography library, giving an authentic student voice to the accompanying marketing materials, school signage and environmental graphics.

The results are a clearly communicated offer for ULearn - from successful classes to social events and the cultural experience of living in Dublin city.